10-Day Dashboard

Give us 10 days and we'll give you a custom business dashboard with real statistics from your company.

Stay on top of your data and key business metrics with a simple and attractive business intelligence display, customized to your unique needs.

10-Day custom-built Dashboards

Your data, customized

Dashboard tools like Geckoboard or Ducksboard can work out of the box for some companies. But if you need something a bit more customized, that's where we come in. We'll use tools such as these or our own Rubbi to customize and integrate a dashboard that meets your needs.

Fixed time, fixed price

We'll develop a custom dashboard for you in just 10 days for $10,000. No unexpected additional fees, no dragged out delivery cycle. Know what you'll get, when you'll get it, and what you'll get it for. And there's no long-term commitment to make. You can spend months trying to customize a dashboard on your own, or you can have us do it for you in 10 days.

Integrate your data

We can integrate your metrics from 3rd party applications like those listed here (just to name a few) with your own company's data to create easy-to-read and easy-to-analyze data visualizations.

How it works


We'll set up an initial interview with you to better understand your needs and to ensure that your project is well suited for this specific program.


After you've given us access to your data we can review it and make sure its in the right format for extraction (if not, we can help with that too).


We'll work together to pick out a dashboard style, then we'll sketch out what your final dashboard will look like.


Once all the planning is done development will begin and 10 days later you will have a working custom dashboard!


Dashboard 101

During the preliminary interview/planning phase we will help educate you on the different types of dashboards available and help you decide what dashboard will be the best fit for you.

Controlled access

You can control who can and cannot have access to your dashboard.

Hosted or on-site

Deploy in-house, or have us host it for you (your IT department is not required)

Feel secure

You decide what data you want used and we’ll happily sign a confidentiality agreement so you can feel secure in sharing your business information.

Stay up-to-date

We will set up a process for repeated data extracts so that your metrics can be updated daily.

Let's get started

We want to better understand your dashboard needs. Simply fill out this form to get the ball rolling. We will give you a call or send you an email to set up an initial interview where we can both determine if the 10-Day Dashboard program is a good fit for your company.

What kind of dashboard do you need?

In the Office

Office Dashboard

Display internal company metrics for all your staff to see during working hours. Keep your staff up-to-date about key performance data like sales, leads or any other information that will help keep your team informed and involved.

At the Tradeshow

Tradeshow Dashboard

Make a good impression on clients and prospects either at a tradeshow or even at your office reception desk with your own custom dashboard. Displaying your company performance data as well as industry metrics will show that you are plugged in and stay current on your industry’s key data.

For the Analyst

Analytical Dashboard

Dashboards aren’t just a pretty face. They can even satisfy the highly technical needs of the data analyst too. We can create a custom dashboard that not only displays your metrics in an easy-to-understand format but also one that allows the analyst to dive in deeper to extract the information they need to create informative, beautiful and interactive reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you show me some examples of 10 Day Dashboards?

A. Sure. We created a few sample dashboards around the wholesale prices of seafood sold at auction in New England. See fishdashboard.com for customized dashboard, and tiles.fishdashboard.com for a different view. Unfortunately, we can't share the ones that show propietary data, but call us... we'll talk.

Q. What tools do you use to create the dashboards?

A. We're quite fond of some third-party tools like Ducksboard, Geckoboard, and Cyfe. Infrastructure tools like Keen.io can also help get something up and running very quickly. We also use our own Rubbi business intelligence toolset as well. Each dashboard is different, so we'll work with you to choose the best tools for your situation.

Q. Does my dashboard have to be publicly available? Can I host it internally on my company's servers?

A. Your data is your data. Period. We respect that. If you want to create a dashboard for internal use only, that's fine with us. We'll need access for our development team to help get things up and running for you, but there's no need to share your data with the world. Your dashboard can live on your own servers, on your own network, protected by your own firewall. If you don't want to deal with provisioning all that ... no problem, we can help there too and set something up for you.

Q. What kind of data can I show on my dashboard?

A. Anything from web analytics (details about your site's visitors and activity), to internal information about your sales, to public census data. If it exists in an electronic form somewhere, it's fair game. We'll help get it to your dashboard.


Interested in getting started? We are too.

Have questions about how this program can work best for you? We'd love to talk.

Give us a call on +1-207-200-4032 or send us an email at 10daydashboard@freeportmetrics.com

About Us

Freeport Metrics is a team of technology consultants, software developers and business intelligence specialists with offices in Portland, Maine and Warsaw, Poland. We live and breathe dashboards, analytics and business intelligence. The 10-Day Dashboard program was born from the idea that companies should be able to have a customized business dashboard, built to their own unique needs, in a cost and time effective way. We are excited to offer this program to companies of all sizes and to share our passion for smart and innovative business intelligence solutions. For more information about us and what we do, please visit our website.